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i know i am comparing 2 totalyy diffrent cars but these are the two i have it down to. the 1993 has 93k and the 86 420sel has 86,000. wich is going to need more repair and wich do you think would be a better buy. and does anyone now a place that would lone someone 9,000 dollars with bankrupcey i rellay would like to get a new car and give my 500sel the joy of a weekend car.

Dan Younes
1985 euro 500sel 220k
1981 300sd 278k sold
1979 240d 298k sold
1983 300sd 272k sold
1989 chrysler 2.2l Turbo
Leabaron 140k
1989 Dodge Carvan Se 295k
1996 C280(hopefully soon)
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