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Hi Rook,

Thanks for the reply and encouragement. Unfortunately, mine's was a job to replace the supply cylinder. But then, I did not have to worry about tear-down and reassembly.

Anyhow, your supply cylinder this the design that was most prevalent, where the cylinder itself is mounted to a bracket on the inside firewall. My cylinder design, which I suspect did not last very long in production, is comparatively a massive pita. There is no "it just bolts right on" factor about it.

Well, I finished the job Sunday evening, and the pedal and gear shifting seems to work fine. I think the cylinder was leaking when I got the car 4 years ago; but it never "failed" - like the pedal going to the floor and never returning. I guess I was lucky.

I might write a description of my process to remove and replace the cylinder. at a later date. Spoiler alert: olive oil.
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