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I just bought a 1980 300 SD. I would like to get the oil and the coolant changed to get those fluids current, then work on getting the others current.

A few questions:

1. Can I use the same coolant that I use in my Ford diesel pickup with the 7.3 Navistar engine? I use Fleetrite for heavy duty diesel engines, bought from a Navistar dealer.

2. Can I use the Delo 400 15/40 for the crankcase lube oil?

I do the basic service on my vehicles (even though it is getting harder and harder to find the time I can't stand someone else working on my rigs) and was wondering if there are any special tools that I will need to perform this work.



1980 Mercedes 300 SD
1994 Ford F-350 7.3 liter turbo diesel
1993 Chevy Suburban
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