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Removing A/C

Hello again, it's now heating up outside here in the "Great White North" and I've noticed that my coolant temperature is rising slightly higher than normal.

I had this problem last year, and a repair of my radiator and changing of hoses didn't help. I will go in to a pro this time for my rad flush as I have been doing it myself for the last two years.

I was just wondering if removing the A/C from in front of the rad will help. It currently doesn't work and the compressor was removed, all that remains is a hose conncted to the grill that sits in front of my rad. I'm guessing more air flow to the rad might do the trick.

The temperature, when it goes up, doesn't really rise significantly ( goes closer to 175 than to just in between 175 and the last notch on the gauge) so I figure it's something minor like that.

Please help.



1976 230.4 W115
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