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Have you attempted to fix a cruise control amplifier?

I resoldered every point on mine, and now it works 60% of the time (before it never did).
And it seems to work on and off under load.
It feels like one (or more) of the diodes or IC's is breaking down under load (it normally works fine first thing in the morning, after it warms it goes on and off, then stops completely).
I am almost convinced it is a semiconductor device breaking down.
I am about to open it again and write down the numbers of all IC's and Diodes to replace them. But before I do that I need to know if someone has been able to fix it by replacing any of the components on the board. I remember there where 3 or 4 LM2904's? IC's (Quad Op-Amps I think), most of the stuff on that little board can be acquired from NTE, ECG or Radio Shack for a few dollars.
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