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Thanks for al the replies. I have taken the ar on a few spins around town. The more I am in it the more I like it.

I usually use NAPA gold filters for my vehicles. Does anybody if the filter for this car has a NAPA equivelent (I have been too busy to get home from work early enough to check it out) ?

I priced shocks for the car and needless to say I was "shocked" . Does $80 each sound right for the Bilstien Comforts? I guess it would be alright, because they would last a long time. However, if I could get them for less I would like to.

I cleaned the air filter this week and pulled the air filter can to clean it out. The bracket that holds the can was broken at the rear mount. The part looked rather new ( not original ). I take it this part must fatigue from vibration. I will take it apart again and repair it somehow.

I need to get some ramps so I can get to the crankcase drain plug. I have not been able to locate the oil filter yet. I am sure it is under there somewhere .

Iam sure I will have more questions soon. Thanks again.


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