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Hi everyone. I am still looking for a vacuum leak on my 87 16v. It is large enough that I had to bump the mixture to make it idle. It is also causing the climate controls to only give me heat (not enough vacuum at the mono valve?) As the motor warms up, the dash vacuum guage appears to increase vacuum. Is that a result of the aux. air valve closing off?

I have listened with a stethoscope, sprayed carb. cleaner and pulled vacuum with a hand help pump on all the rubber lines and hoses.(including the hose and fitting on the bottom of the air flow neter) No luck.

Is the vacuum module on auto trans. suppose to hold strong vacuum? Mine appears a little limp. Does it control the firmness of the shifting?

I am thinking of blocking the vacuum fittings one by one to try to isolate the problem. Any other ideas? It must be a fairly big leak, but it sure is elusive. Thank you.
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