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Let's play "Name that problem!"

Good grief
-rough idle continues
-drives fine at normal cruising speed
-fast takeoff or geardown going up a hill, shakes rattles and rolls and looses power-feels like something is slipping.
-slowly accelerated past 70 with no loss of power, when I went from 40 to 70 simulating passing, it shuddered and rattled, bogged but eventually caught up.
-thought it was tranny related but now it seems motor related with no tranny noise and smooth shifts.
-recently had the fuel accumulator off, seemed ok-didn't quite know how to check. .
-retightened all fittings, will drive tomorrow.

I'm thinking it's got to either be a fuel filter, pump or bad acuumulator or? Vacuum related? Can't be timing, it's automatic adjusting.


J. Boggs
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