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Don't despair Duckmuck

There is light at the end of the tunnel, I too wonder if my 300CE is just an oil spot in my garage to throw money into . I have found that Lordco and Valley Eurotec in Abbotsford are a good source of parts.Silver Star MB in Surrey can usually beat their prices on just about anything (go figure).A link to Lordco is .The prices shown are the discounted price they will give you at the counter, Silver Star MB is usually cheaper (and the parts are MB).They also only charge about $80/hr labour, Valley Eurotec is around $70/hr, and they specialize in MB's.
Before I knew that parts were cheaper at the dealer I bought rotors and pads for my 123 at Lordco, the aftermarket rotors were Brembo,pads were Pagid. I just did pads again after 50,000 km, bought at the dealer, they were Pagids with a MB logo, $10 cheaper than Lordco.Like you , I think it's important to use MB parts on our MBs, but I didn't think it would be cheaper (usually).I have the 124 disc so if you have any specific questions feel free to contact me.
I just checked the Hopefung link and they are as cheap and cheaper than the 15% discount I get at Siver Star, Ron at Valley Eurotec will only give me 10% on parts.Keep looking for a good independent shop if the dealers won't make you happy.Good luck.
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