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Epic fail Mercedes Benz of Stockton!

I was a very loyal customer of Mercedes Benz of Stockton in the 80’s and 90’s and was very at the time pleased with their customer service. In the fall of 2014 I purchased an R129 (SL500) from a private party that only had one Fob and no blade key. I was in the valley (I live 2 hours away) and stopped by the dealership to order a new Fob and blade Key. They took my money and a week later I returned to have the Fob and blade key programed.

Fast forward to a year or so later I’m in my garage a need to move the SL and realized the FOB was two floors up so I reached for the brand-new blade key only to discover it was not properly programed. On my next trip to the valley we stopped by the dealership (the Wife wants a new one.) and I went in to see the service manager while my wife was looking at a new model.

After explaining the chain of events, the first thing the service manager says is, “Do you have a receipt”? I explained to the SM that I did not have my receipt but that their computer should have me in the system and should show my purchase. The SM indicated that I was not in their system (I doubt he looked) and told me I would need to produce the receipt. I told the SM I would return home and find the receipt but would leave the blade key in his possession, so it could be programed once I produced the receipt.

As of this writing I have sent multiple emails to both the Service Manager and the General Manger asking them to return my blade key and have never heard a word. Do they really think I would take the time to drive 4 hours round trip to scam them for the price of a blade key?

Karma is a funny thing in that I have since purchased two additional new Mercedes Benz. One from Walnut Creek and one from Reno. Both were excellent experiences as is the service received at Mercedes Benz of Modesto. Mercedes Benz of Stockton may still have my blade key worth $179.00 but the amount of bad PR they will receive will be 100-fold.
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