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The vinyl arrived and the install went pretty good. The problem with wrapping with vinyl is that it cannot stretch and shrink to the console in one piece. I used a professional on the dash for this reason, they have the ability to cut and sew to make it work. And I think on the dash the way we choose the stitching and seam locations add to the look of the dash.

For the console I thought adding the stitching would compete with the dash, plus I had an idea and wanted to try myself.

My idea was to cut a slit in the console at the required locations where the vinyl would not be able to stretch or shrink.

On this console the locations are small. One on each side of the console in line with where the upper meets the lower, and on each side of the bend just at the bottom of the radio. After a practice run on scrap I could see it would work, where each side of the cut of vinyl would tuck into the slit in the body.

After finish sanding the Bondo I painted black to seal it. If you look close you can see the little slits below where the radio goes.

Then I made a template from paper that laid flat with the surface and traced out. The vinyl has a little bit of flex, but starting requiring none makes it much easier. This template is for the lower rear portion.

Here is a pic of after the first section is wrapped

Then wrapped the front half

Before installing the console Dynomat and 1/4” Dynoliner was installed

The wood needs to be finished, cup holder installed, and I’m using a factory shift boot. I think overall it looks pretty stock and good. The seams on the sides look good and not out of place. I’m not as happy with the look of the seams by the radio. But the only other choices would be to have a professional either vacuum install the vinyl or add stitching. Both have their downsides too.

It took less than 2 yards of vinyl at a cost of about $100. So pretty happy with the result. Going to take a whole day to finish the wood on the insert yet.

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