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Did I find the magic button?

560sl. poor idle, numerous what if posts. Lately had trouble with the starter, and the car bogging down on acceleration. Changed out the fuel filter and went for a ride. No better on accel, maybe even a little worse. Now the starter is even worse so I'm thinking at least check the battery first.

I opened the flip out in the trunk and the battery looked brand new-but....hey, what this plunger looking thing mounted next to the gas inlet? The handle is clearly out-so what have I got to lose.

I pushed it in, cranked it and voila-like new, no bad crank, immediate startup, took it for a spin and it drove like a new car-ok, cept' for the brakes and the mediocre idle.

Cheapest fix I ever did. What is it, and what did I do? (I assume it's some sort of fuel safety valve that I should have opened before I messed with the filter (I did open the cap..)

Thanks. I'm gonna sleep well tonight.

j. Boggs
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