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My new (to me) $1,500 '05 E320 CDI

Thanks to RunningTooHot for giving me the heads up on the CL alert thread, I picked up this '05 E320 CDI today for the asking price of $1,500!

It does have a CEL, and is in limp mode, but I was able to drive it the 100 miles home with no issues. I was told it has a turbo issue, and I suspect it has a bad turbo positioner. The repair for me to do is less than $200. I have to say, this is the nicest, most well equipped $1,500 car I have ever purchased. A list of options: Dynamic seats, heated AND cooled seats, back seat side and rear window sun shades, Excellant custom wheels and almost new tires, trailer hitch, pass through rear seat and "ski bag", wood steering wheel. There may be more that I might have missed. The interior would be about a 9+ if the front seat bottoms were re-upholstered. The exterior has a couple small dings- nothing that PDR would not fix. The clear coat and paint is coming off in a couple spots (rear spoiler and top of rear DS door), but other than that the paint is nice. Once I get the turbo problem fixed, I can get it smogged and on the road! YAY!

EDIT: I forgot, it also is equipped with Keyless-Go!
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