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Originally Posted by biopete View Post
Score! Nice job. How does engine look ? How many miles? Im loving my 3500 one from Jim. I pointed it out to a coworker today and she said “thats not your car. “. I said yes it is. Unlocked it. Showed it to her. I said “guess how much i paid ? “. She said “40k “.

Lol. People that are not car people dont know how old it is.
255,000 miles. That seems like a lot, but it appears to have been serviced well. It looks like there was "Black Death" at one time, but not now. It seemed to get decent MPG for the 100 mile trip home. Once I get the turbo fixed, I will see what kind of power it has. I have driven two others, so I have an idea what to expect........Rich
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