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Originally Posted by ykobayashi View Post
What a Score! It seems like yesterday when I read about the release of the CDI and itís $60k price tag.

Wow, simply wow.

There was one recently on the SoCal Craigslist for less than $4k. I guess people are getting scared of fixing them?

I noticed some videos and websites coming up on DIY repairs to SBC pumps. Kind of tempting.

I just bought an 85 300d over the weekend for $1400 for comparison. Amazing a CDI for that kind of money. Cool beans!
I have been seeing the overall prices on CDI's decreasing since I first found out about them a couple years ago. Even cars with 150K average miles on them are getting much more affordable. It seems that as the price of Diesel increases, the availability of good cars goes up, and the prices go down.
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