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No, the driver's seat will NOT operate unless the key is in the ignition, so it sounds like you may have hit upon something! BTW, the 'door chime relay' that I got is an 8pin relay, about 30mmx 30mm x 40mm; unfortunately I am not at home right now and cannot tell you the p/n. If anyone has info on what this other relay is I would really appreciate hearing about it, as I have am visiting my parents only until Saturday morning and only have tomorrow to try to sort out this problem. Also, is the "shorted light" on the bottom of the driver's door to light near your feet when you open the door? Thanks for the info to date, I will make up a couple of those pullers and pop out the IP to see if the relay I have is the seat buzzer or if perhaps the one I have is the one behind the glovebox (don't think the 1990 model had a passenger side airbag). Regards, Will
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