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brake problem on the 500E? SOLVED *pics*

Alright, quite scary as a matter of fact. I'd say i drove the car a total of 30 miles yesterday. 15 miles to school in the morning, drove it very lightly because it was rush hour. Was in school for 5 hours. 15 miles from school to work, again lightly because of traffic. I spent 4 hours at work. Then 15 miles back to school, driving it pretty easy once again because of traffic.

On the way from work to school, i passed glass windows on my right side, which seemed to echo the sound of my car off of them and i noticed an odd noise coming from my right side, which of course it has been pulling right lately. So before I go home from school again, i had my friend drive it at about 10mph in a parking lot while I hung out the right side to listen for it, and the sound went away.

So I dropped him off and was back on the parkway going home from school. The parkway was completely clear, so i dropped her down in 3rd and opened her up. I hit about 85 then let off the accelerator and the weight of the car and whatever else slows a car down when you let off the accelator slowed it down to about 60. Then traffic was starting and it was moving about 45 so I was now doing about 45. I noticed someone about to swurve in to my lane, so i hit my brake, and my heart dropped. The brake pedal went completely to the floor and i wasn't stopped. Luckily the guy looked and saw me in the lane and didn't come over. I had probably50 feet until the next car ahead of me because I always like to leave some safety space, so I pushed her back up into "D" and tried my brakes again, they again went to the floor.

Now I'm starting to get nervous, there is alot of traffic, so i'm about to pull off when i notice i forgot my cell phone at work. How convenient right? It's night out, and i'm not quite comfortable with pulling over and leaving the car. I'm only about a mile from home, so i decided to duke it out. I hung in the very left most lane the whole time incase emergency i could swing onto the shoulder. I now had her going a steady 15-20 mph with my hazards on, and foot ready to apply the e-brake if needed. Luckily traffic let up and i was almost home.

I kept my distance and there was only one traffic light before my house, i got my car down to about 5 mph within about 200-300 feet of the light and there was not a car in sight.

I got her to my house and threw the ebrake on in the driveway, then did a couple prayers that i made it home safe and there was no traffic since it was late.

I will not attempt to even locate the problem myself, when it comes to brakes it's not something i like to mess with and test out.

But I remember from previous posts, people with 500E's had brake problems before when their brakes would fail. I just had new rotors and pads put on. The brakes were hot when i stopped it in my driveway, but nothing unusual for the car.

If i would hit the brake it would jerk the car for like a milisecond as if it was trying to grab it, allowing me to slow down slightly, then it felt like it would just let go. So i was basically able to pump them to help me slow down.

Heres another observation, is this normal for any other 500Es? I'd drive my car about 15 miles or so (my usual commute), about 75-80 farenheit outside ,and the car is running about 95-100 degrees according to the meter, i'd turn her off in the garage and if i'd come back down an hour later, the temp would still be about 100-110. If i came back 2 hours later, it would be around 85-90. Is something not right in the cooling system? Could this have caused anything with the brakes if something wasn't cooling correctly?

Well, thanks guys, any feedback is appreciate.
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