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I did this job on my 2.6 a few years ago. I don't recall it being anything other than completely straight forward. The cover comes off without removing anything other than the PCV hose and the igntion wire harness. I have a Snap-on tool for removing the plugs wires from the plugs. Keeping all the wires straight in the channel can be a little tedious. I recall that I just removed the harness channel from the cover, and moved it out of the way, but it might actually be easier to remove the cap and then remove the cover with the harness assembly and cap attached. Clean the gasket channel throughly before installing the new gasket.

Wipe down the head mating surface and bottom of the gasket with silicone spray. This will keep the gasket from seizing to the head, so if you have to pull the cover in the future, the gasket won't be damaged, which will allow you to install the cover with the old gasket with a good chance of not leaking.

Don't recall the torque spec off hand, but I think it's in the range of about 90-100 in-lbs. Do it evenly in a couple of increments.


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