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Boy it pays to shop around!

I was looking for a caliper to fix a problem I was having, the old one seized and was causing a lot of noise while driving. So I called up a few junk yards and found one that had the caliper I was looking for still on a car, which down here was like "WoW On the car?!?!" since I never seen a w201 on a yard here yet until today. I drove down there and, they had 3 of em, one even had the same interior color as mine. I got the caliper for $25, but on top of that I got four brand new looking aluminum rims like the originals for $50 a pop with a good tire on them, I also got the temperature display that goes on the instrument cluster, a new OVP, some nuts and bolts, all the window switches and other switches from the center console, and I plan on going back for more. My total was $250 canadian and another place wanted $100 just for the caliper on it's own

I feel like a good shopper today hee hee

Now I'm waiting for someone else to get home so I can bleed the new caliper and take my baby for a test drive woohoo!

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