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200,000 mile check up.

I brought the '94 E320 wagon into the MB shop (193,000 miles and still as strong as a train) to have the fan bearing replaced. Other things they found include:

1. Tie rod is a little sloppy and should be replaced within the next 5,000 miles or so.

2. Wiring harness is original and I asked them to check it because the car doesn't start up as quickly when it is damp, skips sometimes too. Dealer says it is ready to go on me. ~$1,000 job.

3. Some sort of rear control arm is shot and needs replacing.
How would that feel while driving?

4. I think my rear main seal is leaking too. What does the rear main seal do functionally?

Overall, I have 4 more payments and I own it. I'll keep it forever.

I love my car.
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