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Why is the rotor hitting my brake pads?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone could answer this. I had a seized caliper which I just changed, and I was hoping this would cure the problem I am having, but it did not cure it 100%

My problem is that on one of the wheels, it seems like the rotor is warped, but I just had it re-surfaced and it is straight and in good condition, however, in one spot on the radius of the turn, it tends to hit the brake pad on the caliper. With the seaized caliper this was so severe that it created a wha-wha-wha like sound while driving, with the new caliper, it is not so severe but it can still be heard.

Now the caliper is mounted on the on the wheel carrier, and so is the bearing, the bearings are fine, there is no play there.

Is there something else that could cause this? I'd love to get it fixed up for good, but I'm not sure where to turn now, replace the bearing? The wheel? races? Not sure what they do, but I hear they are quite important.

Thanx in advance.

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