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Buzzing Combination Relay

When I started my '92 300TE4Matic wagon this afternoon, the 4Matic light on the dash remained on once the engine started, (a question for another time), and I could hear a buzzing sound coming from the fuse box location under the hood. When I got home, I undid the holding screws on the relay box and fusebox cover by the hood hinge and once removed, I could both hear and feel the buzzing item, (an @ 1" x 3" black relay), when the key was turned on with or without the engine running. I then searched my W124 service CD-rom electrical schematics and identified the culprit as the N10 Combination Relay.
Now I am hoping someone can tell me: (1) if I am right about what it is, (2) what the item/relay does and if it's related to the 4Matic dashboard light being on, (3) how long I have until it goes kaput - (can it wait until the MB dealer opens Monday with average town driving?) and finally, how it is removed - I imagine I just pull it up, but I want to be sure. Thanks.

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