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I was in the trunk working on the taillight bulb sockets (cleaning oxidation off the contact surfaces) when I decided I would look into the sunroof motor. I had my son press the sunroof switch while I had my test light on the contacts of the connector plug. I was not able to get any current either up or down. This leads me to believe that a bad ground is the culprit. I had the taillight all torn apart, so I shelved that detective work for a while longer.

I was able to get the headlights to work properly. The fuse for the right side high beam apparently had a little bit of oxidation on it, because all I had to do was spin it back and forth a couple of times and everything worked fine. The fog lampps sure have really weird looking bulbs. Are these easily obtainable? I have never seen anything like them.

By the way, what are "standeng lamps"? I know how they are switched and which lights they are on the car, but what are they for?

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