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The tailight bulb theory is often compared to urban myths, but there are people who claim them to have been the problem. Whatever you do, if you decide to change the bulbs out don't go drinking with any attractive women and pass out in a hotel'll be sure to wake up missing a kidney, but with a nice suture line. Search for it here and see for yourself. Like Richard, I doubt your symptoms are consistent with any of their experiences. One of the reasons these cruise systems are such a PITA is because they are very accurate. The speedocable has a magnet on it, and the speed sensor picks up the frequency of that magnets rotation past itself. The cruise system is actually trying to maintain that frequency of rotation, thus, if it is intermittent as you describe, the cruise control will stay busy trying to adjust it and surge as a result. Be careful to not burn up your actuator, it's working overtime due to the fluctuating signal. My money's on the cable...
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