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Ok so I got home to look at it, the fluid in the reservoir is bellow the minimum. But it's like right on the minimum mark. So that wouldn't cause the brakes to be completely gone right? There would still be some braking power? Or am i wrong? So I'm standing outside the car by the front left side with the hood open, and i tell my dad to press the brake, with the car on, just so he can feel it. He pushes it to the floor and i hear a blowing noise come from behind the front left wheel, basically under where the reservior is. It's a loud hissing noise, it only comes when you push down on the brake. He pushed it down again and it continued to make the hissing noise. It's sounds like if you take a air pump for a basketball, and without putting the needle in a ball or something, and you push all the way down on the pump, you hear the air hiss out. That's what it sounds like. Broken hose? Thanks for the help guys.
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