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He is correct.

I had no luck with the Russians.
I finally found a sentence on one of their pages which said (roughly)
'we do not deliver beyond the Moscow beltway'. (at least that is what I get from the 'annular highway' sentence.)

I ordered Bosch part# 3437224035 (no spaces and no dashes) on Wednesday morning from
and hopefully (depending on Bosch), it will be delivered tomorrow.
The part is now apparently available from Bosch, who, I guess, was loosing too many sales to junkyards.
The number on my housing is 3 437 224 015, but I have beeen advised the part# has been updated to the 3 437 224 035 housing, which is the one available.

I will follow up with pics and results, as this could save all of us a pile of cash.
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