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Question 300E wire connections

Please someone, I need serious help !! Last night I was replacing one of my dash cluster bulbs in my 300E, something I have done effortlessly before, to do this I have normally removed speedo cable for easier access as well as a couple other connectors so I can install new bulb without losing it in the dash. Well just as I was removing the main wire connection, the one behind the gas and temperature gauge, the one that has about 16 wires and is a round pin type of connection, the son of a ***** came apart on me when I was gently wiggling it lose, so I stopped, took notice of my situation and carefully tried to put the 8 or so pins back in their holes, or at least thats where I thought they came from. Needless to say I was horribly mistaken. Even If I got 6 of the 8 back in the correct holes it wouldnt be correct. Thats why I'm up early crying out to you fine Mercedes owners around the globe.
If there is anyone who can tell me the color code or tell me if possibly I could get a diagram, picture or some means to fix my problem I would be forever greatful, it cant be to hard by color because each pin location is numbered 1 to 15 or 16.
Please dont tell me to refer to the C.D.,I dont have it, but you can bet your bippy I'm going to get it, I mean it this time !

Please help and thank you all!
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