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question about shocks

I thought of another question that I have about shocks. Do the shocks have much impact on the initial compression of the springs as the car encounters a bump, or is the shock’s job really just to control rebound from that initial compression? My car, equipped with the HDs, does not continue to undulate after the initial impact. My car is not like my parents Cadillac. The bump is once and done. It feels great to just sit right down on the road, kind of hunkered down, as the car settles in through a corner. The car is very stable, but I wish I knew how different it would be with the Sports. The HD shocks are brand new, so I am not planning to rush right out and replace them. If I didn’t have to sell my wife on the deal, I might just eat the mistake and get the Sports, but then again I am still not sure that it would feel very different. As I said in a previous post, my car dropped less than an inch with the Eibach ProKit springs and the "progressive" nature of the springs still allows significant compression, so I think the stroke length of the HD is probably OK. I constantly try to convince myself that my car is OK. I wish I had purchased the Sports, so I could go on with my life. The car really does feel good. I wish I could try a car with the Sports, to see if there really is any difference. I guess I will get the Sports in a couple of years, after my wife forgets that I just bought shocks for my favorite toy.
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