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Eric400, I sent you a reply PM, but your inbox is full.


My response about the R12 service tech I recommended:

He won't do the work if there is a leak - he knows his stuff. Retired Toyota tech.
He will change your Schrader valves, which are the most common leak point. He can also put a special oil in the system to unstick a stuck expansion valve.

My system in my W124 hadnt worked in 10 years, and he changed the Schrader valves, vacuumed it out, and charged it. Very reasonable and wants you to understand exactly what he is doing before you pay for something.

Well worth it - I use AC year round to dehumidify the interior. I find it as important in winter.

Originally Posted by 400Eric View Post
OK, I see.

I'll read up on this swap some more and see if I want to tackle it.

Thanks guys!

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