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I'd love to share the info, took me a while to track this guy down myself and the yard is filled with all sorts of imports. In short they had more MBs Jags and Bimmers there then I've seen anywhere else.

The place is called Mikes Auto Parts and it's in Stoney Creek on Highway #20. Coming from TO you have to take the QEW west and get off at exit 89 and go down a street called Centenial Parkway, it then turns into highway #20, the place will be on the left, big white fence, can't miss it.

The only problem is they allow only one person in the yard at a time, I couldn't even take my dad with me to help me out, and if they have the part on the shelf that's what you will have to take first. Overall they are extremely friendly compare to any other junk personnel I came across so far.

Good Luck!

btw that 190 still had it's ECU, I just didn't think I could snag it that easy which is why I only took small parts, $900 piece! Kicking myself for that now

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