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Rob, you've already got the car so it's kinda irrelevant, but I'd have recommended buying something safe. What car do you want your daughter to be in, when she's T-boned or rear-ended by some dimwit who insists on texting behind the wheel? Camry or Century would not get my vote. I'd also insist on some basic safety features like ABS and SRS (airbags), and preferably ASR (traction control) as well. This rules out the 107 and 123 chassis. I'd have recommended a late 124 with ASR, but your selection of the 201 is a decent compromise. Shoot, 210's have come down in value so much, even those would be a possibility in the $4k ballpark. Go with a 210 that has ESP if possible.

Eric, I haven't messed with AC in years, but from memory yes - you do want to remove as much mineral oil as possible. And, the FSM procedure states this as well (link). Leaving all the mineral oil in there, and adding PAG/POE, is not a good idea. Sure, you CAN leave it in, but MB didn't say it was "important to remove as much as possible" just so they could have their technicians waste time on it. Poke around on Google for more details, but keep in mind that different cars have different AC systems/compressors, so just because Toyota has a TSB that says mineral oil removal is not required, this does not mean it applies to Mercedes. YMMV, yadda x3. Then of course you have the issue where the older R12 components will not cool as well as the later R134a components (condenser / TXV are different, possibly compressor too). I've never encountered a converted car that cooled as well as it did with R-12. Factory 124.034/.036 R134a systems are very good, and my W210's have excellent AC as well.

So anyway - Eric, if you haven't converted the 92 300E yet, don't do it. Use one of the "alternative" refrigerants that are compatible with the existing mineral oil, after fixing whatever leak caused the R12 loss. If you're really on a budget, you can even use propane. Google for that as well, and before everyone freaks out about using "combustible" refrigerant, go read up on the combustion properties of R134a. I've never used it personally but it's mineral-oil compatible and should cool nearly as well as R12.

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