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newbie - central lock probs

Hi all,
I just acquired my first car - a 1981 Merc 200 (W123-model). It has belonged to my dad since new, and now it's my own

The thing thats bothering me is the central locking. A few years back it started leaking (i think!) cause after a couple of minutes locked it wouldnt unlock. Then we relaced the drivers door "switch", the three "valves" in the bonnet, and 4-way tube (looks like a cross-roads, dunno what its called). But that didnt solve anything.

Then we blocked a vacuum pipe which fed the rear right door, the fuel cap and the luggage boot and the rest three doors work fine without any leaks. So the problem must be in the boot/fuel cap/rear right door.

what should I do now? How can I track the fault?

Thanks a lot

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