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Originally Posted by LWB250 View Post
Rob, Despite the criteria given, I highly recommend the W210 chassis for a car like this. It's newer, safer, has GREAT AC, and is simple, easy, and cheap to maintain. Buy the absolute best example you can find and go through it as necessary with all the requisite maintenance items, such as fluids, and the daughter will be good to go in a safe ride.
I agree with Dan. Although I own several 210's, I still prefer the 124 chassis, despite some of the nicer features in the 210. I'd recommend any 6-cyl 210 for a new/young driver.

Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
Think again about the ( 02 - 05 ) Camry, it is 2 steps above the W201 and one step above any other MB in the data at bottom.
The crash tests focus on very specific scenarios, which are not always what happens in the real world. That's great about the few years of Camry high ratings, but I'll still take my chances in a 124 (or 210, or 211). I have personally been in two severe wrecks: a freeway-speed rollover in a 201, and a high-speed rear-end hit in a 124. Other members of my family have been in severe wrecks in the 123 and 124. We all walked away. I would not have wanted to be in any year Camry for any of those incidents, but if you would prefer that, please drive the Camry. (Side note - I see your 97 C280 is ranked the same as my dinosaur W124!)
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