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Thanks for all the info guys.

I think I'll just try to score some more old cans of R12 off of Craig's list.

It's crazy how the old W124s rate "above average" yet the newer W210s only rate "average". How can that be?!? The W210 should have benefitted from 20 years of safety advancements!

Dave, when I get some time, I'll start a thread about my two CDIs. I'm sure you're pretty tripped out about me moving to those right? Well TBH, I'm pretty tripped out about it too!
89 300E "Benzer1" 15.924 Uncorrected
93 400E "Benzer3" 14.200 U.C.
95 E420 "Benzer4"
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87 300D "Benzer8"
87 300D "Benzer9"
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87 300TD "Benzer11"
06 E320 CDI "Benzer12"
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71 AMC Javelin AMX 401 "Sidewinder"
74 AMC Hornet 401 "C.K.10" 13.63 U.C.
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