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Question Mercedes fixes itsself given time???

Ladies, and gentlement,
Something mericle has happened to my 2.3-16 power steering system. Eversince I've this car for ten years the dawn left turn never had power assist what so ever, again it was only left turn had a problem. so it was hard sometimes try to parrallel park. I went to the dealer for this problem and they said that I need a new steering gearbox.
Since the cost to replace a steering gear box was phoenominal I said I can live without it. But two days ago after had the tires replaced by Firestone, now my power steering system is working flawlessly, well not like brand new but compares to what it was then it's like night and day. I'm knocking wood right now for saying this, I hope I didn't jink it. But what the hec is happing here? Did the tire shop inadvertently unknoted something while in the process of jacking the car up?? I have no clue, but happy here and no complain whatsoever.

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