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The wipers were getting stuck partially during operation and also not parking. The washer fluid also wouldn't squirt unless the headlights were on. I installed a new wiper relay, but that didn't solve the problem. So then I decided to inspect the wiper linkages.

I vacuumed out the leaves and debris and then hosed out the area under the wiper assembly to keep the drains free and the body from rusting. Rusted spots got treated with rust converter.

I cleaned and lubricated the moving parts with synthetic transmission fluid and synthetic graphite grease.

The wiper assembly back in its home.

The covering back in place. It's very interesting how they designed it. The mesh is aluminum which is molded into the plastic covering and the paint on it was coming off, was dented, and had a hole punched in it. So, I removed the dents, flattened out the area where the hole was, then masked and painted the mesh so it looks like new again. The wipers sure work a lot smoother now, though the washer still only works with the headlights on, and the high beam indicator is now stuck on all the time.
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