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Originally Posted by Squiggle Dog View Post
We were headed to the GoodGuys swap meet in Scottsdale and while pulling in quickly to the Wells-Fargo Bank along the way, the oil pan smacked the ground since the shock absorbers are worn out and the oil pan sets low anyway. We cringed but didn't think anything of it until we came back to the car after attending GoodGuys and saw a black puddle under the front of the car.

The oil pan was cracked and leaking out oil, but the oil level was still above the MIN line and it seemed it didn't leak when the engine was running, so we drove the car to the auto parts store to buy some oil so it could make the rest of the journey home.

I imagine it's a big job to replace the oil pan and then it would take a while to have a replacement shipped. So, I decided I would try to J-B Weld it. In order for this to have any chance of working, I knew I'd have to drain the oil and get both the inside and outside of the oil pan free of oil and sprayed with brake parts cleaner. I also sanded the outside of the oil pan with coarse sandpaper.

It's been almost a year since I did the repair and it's still holding up, though I think a replacement oil pan should be obtained at some point because I don't forsee this repair lasting permanently. We'll probably want to obtain a pan from a W126 350SDL, but the one on the engine now is from a W124 300D since that's the car out of which the engine came. As you can see, the ASD hose going back to the differential just floats there with nothing against which to secure it.

I think that lowering the car is probably not a good idea.
I bought my 350SDL with a hole in the pan. I actually got one from a member here that was traveling, and passing through nearby. It was from a 3.0 OM603 ('87 300D). It worked just fine, and was not as big of a deal to replace as I thought it was going to be. There is a thread somewhere here about the job.
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