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Originally Posted by vwnate1 View Post
So ;

Did the EGR delete stop the smoking ? .

The brakes look & sounds good, I had the devil of a time getting rebuilt calipers for my 300TD, in the end Pelican sent me a no brand new manufacture caliper that seems to be working O.K. .

I kept my old ones as cores .

The were 'rebuilt' using phenolic pistons ad failed going down a steep grade in the rain..... .
I think it helped a little, but there's still an acceleration issue and the exhaust smokes black when you put your foot down to try to go any faster. The throttle response is delayed and it feels like it's dragging a boat anchor behind it, especially when the air conditioning is on.

What's interesting is that my W116 300SD has a lot better acceleration performance and rarely any kind of smoke. This W126 350SDL is supposed to be faster, but it's not, so I don't know if the timing chain is stretched, or if this is normal performance.

It's scary, some of these rebuilt calipers...
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