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107 Euro Headlight quickie question

I have just taken delivery of a used set of euro headlamp units for my 350SL Roadster. This used set has vacuum adjustment on left and right units. They work. I hooked up the Mighty Vac and they travel giving an up and down adjustment. My question is do they just plug in (electrical) or do I have to get a different jumper or terminal? And where do I tee into to hook up the vacuum. I did not get the switch that works the adjustment for the vacuum headlights (inside car switch). So do I hook up vacuum anyway? Or can the switch be any vacuum switch from a bone yard? So far I love reading all the posts on this fab site however when I ask a question I notice I rarely hear back from anyone am I not posting correctly? Thank you in advance. Boy i feel really stupid asking all these mundane questions! Have a nice Easter! Ernie Oh and one more anyone know where I can get a cheap euro lense (Right)?
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