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I can't see the wastegate either so crowded in there but I'm betting that's your power problem .

You alls keep saying "vacuum" when talking about the wastegate, it works off _PRESSURE_, completely different .

? Have you yet tried a small, cheapo boost gauge to see what the actual boost levels and RPM's are ? .

I bought a 1" 'Mr Gasket' (cheapo Chinese brand) $20 fuel pressure gauge for boost testing my my grey market 300TD, it only goes to 15# so it's very sensitive, easy to connect using simple vacuum hose and a plastic 'T' , it would let you know what's going on in your engine boost wise right away ....

I'm trying to remember what FLAPS I bought the gauge at, prolly an O'Rielly as they're my go to place for cheaper filters and basics .
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