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Benzmac, glad to hear that your doctor gave you the ok. I can relate to what you are going through. I've been both rear-ended and the victim of a hit and run, although not the same accident.

Since my late father was a physician, I know that the quality of medical care varies (almost?) as much as the quality of automotive techs... Did your doc test your urine for blood (injured kidneys)? They have test strips to check for that.

An amusing aside, if it wasn't so serious... at our work (many many years ago) one of our employees fell off a ladder about 15-20 feet onto a sidewalk. He went to an emergency room and they told him that he'd be ok, just bumps and bruises. He went back to work and fairly soon passed out. Turns out he had a ruptured spleen. The ER missed it (OOPS)...

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