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Dear Donnie

Happy to hear you seem okay but please keep an eye open for symptoms. Thanks for the advice on taking the plates first. Sorry it had to be at your expense.

There is a feeling of community for MB owners and your site is kind of a meeting place. Even though I have not met you, your posts have been helpful and I feel that you are an integral part of this community. You have personal value to many people you have never met.

I live in Chicago and on a main street, at night, a young woman sideswiped 3 cars and totaled a fourth. A neighbor saw her try to drive away and when her car wouldn't go, she ran. He caught her and the police arrested her, when they arrived. This kind of thing happens all the time. A driver's license should be a little harder to get and keep in this country. People like your hit and run jerk should lose their license, go to jail or both.

Best luck.