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Like all of your friends I would like to wish you all the best for a speedy and comfortable recovery but like all experiences we have two options ..either repeat them or learn by them.
First I learned a long time ago to carry a portable throw away camerawith flash which is the first thing in my hand when I am involved in an accident or see something would be surprised how many people out there aren't licemsed insured, legal or even supposed to be driving the vehicle that just caused the problem. A few quick photos of driver, car locations and even eye witnesses has a very secure feel about it.
Throw one in every car you have got and the best thing that can happen is you will never have to use them.

The second lesson is that pick-up trucks that go fast in drive don't have the technology that we all believe saves lives...special seat backs, anti dive knee bolsters, seat belt tensioners, fuel tanks above the axle, crumple zones, breakaway mirrors, pull type door handles with weighted locks etc. etc . etc. which are the subject of so much of our frustration when we have to fix them or replace them and the reason we have so much respect for the your knowledge and experience.

Get better, thanks for your efforts and stay out of those go fast cheap imitations.

Greg Gardner
Geneva Switzerland
93 300TE 4 matic
99 Smart (shopping trolley)