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Yeah, when I first got the car I took it to a good indy and had him pull the valve covers to check the chain and rails. He said that the chain had been replaced and was in good condition with 3 degrees of stretch but that the sprockets were starting to look 'pointy' and should be changed. I'm waiting for my next oil change to roll around so I can pull the oil pan and change my oil level sensor which is leaking. I think I should be able to peak up at the crank sprocket to verify its condition but the safe bet seems to be that changing it is the wise thing to do.

I thought in another month or so I would take a 4 day weekend and pull everything off the front. New cam and crank sprockets, guides, rails, chain, tensioner, everything. Based on posts I've read it sounds like its not too tough just lots of grunt work. You better believe I'll be putting up lots of posts then though

I love working on this car!
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