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I missed out on all the breaking news while on vacation. Sorry to hear about the wreck, glad to hear you're feeling better. The amount of damage the other guy must have sustained, he should be heading to a body shop soon. I'm sure you have contacts at some of the loacl shops who can throw out a few feelers, the guy is bound to show up.

The possibility that the offender will come through the same intersection again is good. If you do see him, get the plate and call the local cops. As much as you would like extract your pound, don't place yourself in physical or legal jeopardy. Be a good witness not a hero.

All the advice about seeing a Doc, was on the mark. Years ago, I was involved in a rollover at highspeed. Totalled a nearly new 85 Crown Vic in a chase (I was passenger - what a fun ride). Felt OK, figured I'd be sore in the morning and didn't go to the ER. About a year later the neck problems manifested. Every now and then I get a stiff neck to beat the band, to the point I can't hardly turn my head. Not good in my line of work, so I use a little sick time, recoup and get back to work. I more than likely had a hell of a case of whiplash, that would have probably been diagnosed and treated had I gone to the ER.

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