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My Mechanic and I both concur with Michael that the culprit is bad fuel. He told me to start fresh with a new filter, as I needed one in 5000 miles anyways and sold me a can of BG 44K, a professional use fuel system cleaner, $19.95!!!!!! A great deal if it works, insane if it is snake oil. However, this is perhaps the most reputable and honest mechanic in the area, so I would tend to trust his expertise. I am putting in the filter as soon as I receive it, bleeding the injector lines to clean some of it out initially, and then I will run the can through a tank and see what happens. Of course it started behaving better as soon as I took it to the mechanic, the only thing I had done is run it with STP and Fuel Injector Cleaner pretty hard for the week.

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