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eha read out

during warm up while air pump is on -6.41to -6.42ma The lambda was pegged at 99.8 no movement the so something is flaky as my mech said
At operating temp and idle - x11 duty cycle is at 50.8% at idle no fluctuation at all, unless it goes to 99.8 where it sits. Then suddenly it will read good and give 50% plus a fluctuation between 48 and 56%. So it is very flaky.
the EHA is still at -6.41ma no fluctuation at all
At operating temp and 2500 rpm my x11 duty is a nice fluctuation around 56%. The EHA does not move nor fluctuate from -6.4 ma

Thanks steve does this mean I have a bad eha or is it just getting a bad message.?
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