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Alternator Belt Change Help Needed

Car is a 1983 W123 300D. I am having untold difficulty trying to loosen up the alternator so I can change the belts. I do have the workshop CD to work from. Under the car I found the pivot point bolt and loosened that up OK. The manual (poor pictures) talks about two other nuts/bolts on what I think is the alternator bracket. I can't seem to figure out how to get these loose. They are 17MM. I can get a wrench on the one furthest from the engine. Am I supposed to pull up on the wrench to loosen? It seems ridiculously tight if so. The second one, nearest the engine, how in the hell is one suposed to get at this?? Should I be trying to loosen the nut in front near one of the pulleys? How does the adjuster work, clockwise to loosen belts? I really thought I had this beat when I finally got the A/C belt off. This was supposed to be my "easy" first of the season work and it's completely turned to crap. Any advise is greatly sought and appreciated.
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