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Re: The car regular maintenance

Originally posted by yjamous
I read many articles about the importance of conducting regular maintenance for the car.
Can you people tell me what are the things to consider and how often? (for example, how often to change the fuel pump, fuel filter, automatic transmission filter,spark lights ....etc).

Many thanks.
auto trans filter? never knew it had one??
spark plugs, depeneds on what type of plugs you have, i.e. copper or platinum etc.
you should check your owners manual for this.

i also need to know how often should the manual transmission oil and differential oil be replaced.
also, the manual states to use "90" gear oil in the diff.

now i have some Omega 130 in the garage... would it be ok if I use this? reason being, I know for sure this oil is v. good, but i'm not sure if it will do any damage if the viscosity doesnt match?

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