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C43 (W202) mirrors on an S500 (W140) doable?

I have a friend who is selling his 1998 C43 W202 side view mirrors and was wondering if I would be able to use them on my 1995 S500 W140 Sedan.. My interior housing and the trianglur exterior part of the housing is in tact. just the body of the side view mirror is messed up and the body motor which physically moves the mirror itself left right up and down.. and everything else for both side view mirrors are in working condition...the only thing that is messed up is the body and the body's interior mirror motor which moves it up down left and right within the body... so the guy is selling the body and I was wondering if it would be easily mountable and usable on my S500.. Thanks in advance and if you guys can help me on this one.. All I will need is a new driver side fender to have a completely repaired S500 benz Thanks again for all your help and I hope you can help me on this one
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